Thursday, September 30, 2010

Declutter based on emotion

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been getting rid of anything that does not please me. Clothes, friends, habits, books - you name it and if it doesn't compliment my compelling vision for "my self" - it is being donated or otherwise kicked to the curb.

Energetically, possessions hold memories. What I was doing when I wore a certain sweater, an inscription on the first page of a book, a vase given to me along with a bouquet of flowers that wilted along with a relationship. All of these send me messages of my past that I no longer want to have in the present. 

And I can honestly say that it has been absolutely freeing to get rid of all of these things. I am wealthier without them.

Apparently I am right on trend. A recent article in my Whole Living Magazine advises, "Consider how each possession makes you feel. Don't keep things with negative energy, like gifts from people you had a falling out with, photos from unhappy times or failed relationships, unfinished projects, clothes that are too small, or medicines from an old ailment. Make room for things that have a positive association. And if you have to mull over whether to toss a particular item, you probably don't need it."

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  1. When we moved to France we had to go through each and every item we owned and decide if it had enough "value" to take halfway across the world. Very little made the cut.
    Getting rid of all that stuff was so liberating!

    Looking forward to reading more about your life.