Friday, August 13, 2010

Less is More

This excellent article “But Will It Make You Happy” in The New York Times is fascinating. I was inspired by the 31-year-old married couple who decided that by reducing the demands on their time and wallets, and throwing out a majority of their belongings, they would actually be richer than they were when living the stereotypical 30-something life. And they were right!

New studies are not only showing us what to spend our money on to make our happiness quotient go up, they are also showing us that when it comes to owning commercial goods – less is more.

Buying material items makes you happy initially – but the feeling quickly fades so that you have to buy again in order to feel the same level of satisfaction. A never-ending cycle. But by spending money on experiences and leisure activities, you have a more lasting happiness. Especially when those activities increase the quality of your interpersonal relationships.

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