Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Shopping Diet

A recent article by The New York Times described the latest craze sweeping the nation: Shopping Diets.
Among the more popular diets is one in which you only wear six items of clothing (or less) for a month

I find this thought completely terrifying - and apparently I am not the only one. When I discussed this around the water cooler at work, all the ladies seemed to agree that this was a fabulous idea - but no one seemed to muster up the courage to actually try it.

How would you manage to dress for work, athletic activities, and weekends with only six items in your wardrobe? My head positively spins just thinking about it - leaving me to believe I may not be ready to tackle that challenge head-on.

One that I could get behind as a baby step is one in which you abstain from buying clothing for a predetermined period of time. Some brave souls pledged to do it for a year.

My friend Senta actually did a year-long shopping diet before it was the "cool thing" to do - and with the money she saved she went on a bare-bones trip around the world. That thought helps me to have motivation and resolve.

At any rate - until I pay off the mountain of credit card debt I currently have, I shouldn't be buying anything other than the bare essentials. I can say with all honesty though it is making me appreciate what I have, and take delight in things I overlooked when I was consuming more - so for that I am grateful.

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