Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Artist at Work: Grant Pecoff





When I was getting my master’s degree, I slept 4 hours a night and ate Ramen noodles for at least two meals a day. Yet somehow in my poor and sleep-deprived state, I managed to find the time and good sense to work in artist Grant Pecoff’s 
gallery for free. 

My reward: credit toward some of his amazing art. His paintings fed my soul in a way that a meal never could.

He and his wife Layne, a lawyer turned children’s book author, seem to have a pretty sweet life too. They spend time in amazing places around the globe, while Grant captures the locales forever on his canvases.

The sun would bake me for hours, the wind would try to take my easel, cars would whizz past (sometimes cheering me on with an occasional honk), people would pause to chat, and life would happen around me as I stood painting with freedom,” he said.

The Pecoff Gallery is open three days a week in San Diego’s Little Italy district, and his work is also carried nationwide at these locations.

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