Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spotlight: Oeuf Eco-Friendly Products

Loving me some Oeuf - a brand created by a French/American husband and wife team motivated by a desire to reduce unnecessary purchases.

My own hubbie and I have been talking about this concept a lot lately -- buy better quality the first time so you buy less in the long run. 

The Oeuf founders says the line is “about a few essential, high quality, and multifunctional pieces that resonate with today’s cash strapped consumers. And Oeuf operated this way, long before being smart about money and the environment became a survival strategy.”

Their knits are made in Bolivia by a self-managed community of indigenous women. In line with fair trade principles, the artisans are paid a living wage, which enables them to afford healthcare and education for their children.

One of the best things about the line is its versatility -- many items can be worn by you or your kids. 

They also have some great ideas for knit Halloween costumes that you can use long past the holiday for dress-up fun and warmth. Like these:

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